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Message encourageant de Benoît XVI aux familles interconfessionelles

Lors de sa visite en Pologne le pape Benoît XVI a adressé une allocution le 25 mai 2006 à une assemblée oecuménique réunie dans l''Eglise luthérienne de la Sainte Trinité.

Ce discours est disponible en polonais, italien, anglais et allemand sur le site du Vatican. Même La Croix le publie en anglais. Vous nous pardonnerez de faire exception à notre principe de ne publier qu''en français sur ce site, et vous trouverez un extrait de ce discours ci-dessous: 

"The second question to which I want to refer concerns married life and family life. We know that among Christian communities, called to witness to love, the family occupies a special place. In today''s world, in which international and intercultural relations are multiplying, it happens increasingly often that young people from different traditions, different religions, or different Christian denominations, decide to start a family. For the young people themselves and for those dear to them, it is often a difficult decision that brings with it various dangers concerning both perseverance in the faith and the future structuring of the family, the creation of an atmosphere of unity in the family and of suitable conditions for the spiritual growth of the children.

Nevertheless, thanks to the spread of ecumenical dialogue on a larger scale, the decision can lead to the formation of a practical laboratory of unity. For this to happen there is a need for mutual good will, understanding and maturity in faith of both parties, and also of the communities from which they come. I would like to express my appreciation for the Bilateral Commission of the Council for Ecumenical Issues of the Polish episcopal conference and of the Polish Council for Ecumenism, which have begun to draft a document presenting common Christian teaching on marriage and family life and establishing principles acceptable to all for contracting interdenominational marriages, indicating a common program of pastoral care for such marriages. To all of you I express the wish that in this delicate area reciprocal trust and cooperation between the churches may grow, fully respecting the rights and responsibility of the spouses for the faith formation of their own family and the education of their children."

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